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Read this before you do anything

I know it's the first thing that popped into your mind. You noticed a little bite on your skin, thought it must have been a little spider or mosquito didn't you. We don't know since the Bedbug bites are similar to of many other insect bites.The way you react is going to be different from others, not everyone reacts the same. Some people don't find out for weeks. You could have several welts on your back and not be aware. And that's when you reach for the BUG B0MB!!!  RIGHT?











You may get an allergic reaction and attribute is to some food or chemical in your soap or detergent. You may experience some swelling, it could get red and start itching. 

If you are lucky... it will be just a minor irritation. If your not you may start wishing you could find a way to shed a layer of skin. Forget focusing, your brain will disconnect and you'll be mental mincemeat.

It's a fact, at first, bed bug bites may not affect you at all but as time goes by the bites have a stronger effect.  Yet, if you don't stop them early surely one day you will be itching your brains out.

Then one day you wake up and notice a little spot of blood on the sheet. Looking closer you spot another little brown spot. On closer inspection, it seems to be moving.

IT'S ALIVE!​​​​​​​

It's a Bed Bug. And your heart sinks just like mine did.

My name is Donna, and I'm here to show you how to eliminate bed bugs and you can get it done without spending a fortune in Pest Control Bills. What makes me an expert? I've been through all the ups an downs dealing with those pesky little creatures. 

Don't get me started! Every time I think about the embarrassing times trying to hide itches and bites while out in public I blow a gasket. 

I'm here to help you hold on to your sanity.  I've been through it. Recently, we had a major bed bug infestation in our home.

Allow me to share the knowledge we picked up on the way back to a bug-free home.

We Believed The Bed Bug Myths:

We had just purchased a brand new condo. You may think that if you own a new condo with new furnishings in a metropolis you wouldn't have to be concerned. I have a very expensive hobby though, antiques.

It was early fall after our first summer of garage sales that I felt my first itchy spot. Fortunately, we tracked the buggers to that antique Vintage Kimball chair in the bedroom.

"Don't be alarmed." one of my neighbors told me. "Bedbugs are not dangerous and they don't carry disease."

"Oh great" was my reply. "No worries if the little bloodsuckers are just digging in... to feast on my body while I sleep." Are you kidding me!!!

So I did what you are about to do and I'm telling you.

That's when I tried my brilliant idea. 

I went out and bought a room fogger. A Bug Bomb. Didn't do any research other than reading the label on the container. Which said the Bug Bomb took care of Bed Bugs. I'm still planning on writing that company a letter.


I thought I was pretty smart. Just a few bucks and a day spent at the office and my problems were solved. 

Since they didn't come back right away, I thought I may have not used a big enough bomb.

A month later I tried the bomb again, only this time I doubled up on the strength. 

Of course, they came back. 

And I found out why. 


Don't believe the labels, you may wipe out some but those entomological freaks defy nature. They can outrun the fog a dig deeper into the cracks of your home. 

That's just the start of it. 

My husband was having fits. I couldn't blame him. 

We found bites on our arms, legs, back, and neck. But when I got one on my face I hit the roof.

"I don't care what it costs you get an exterminator in here immediately," I screamed.

I was really mad ... I had to tell him to spend the $500 I was saving for a new washer.

So he called up a local reputable company, he researched and trusted them, and you know what happened?

They turned down the job.​​​​​​​

I was flabbergasted... (ever been flabbergasted?)

"Why?' I pleaded.

He said they told him about pesticide resistance. The Bedbugs have an innate ability to develop resistance to insecticides. They couldn't guarantee results and were ethical enough to let us know.

We were going crazy. This small army with skin piercing weaponry was disrupting our whole life. Sleeplessness and emotional distress were increasing our anxiety.

It was unbearable stress. I got nervous and paranoid.

My husband got frustrated and angry.

On top of the devastation, there is the embarrassment and that can be depressing.


It was a bit comforting to know I wasn't alone but that didn't ease up the itch. I had to do something so I called up the exterminator and asked him if he would try I would pay, knowing there was no guarantee.

They agreed.

What could I do? Buy a Commercial Bed Bug Steamer for $1000 and try it myself.  So the pest control came in and did their thing. It seemed to work and they did offer $50 off the $500 bill. And no complaints from the hubby.

I wish I could say that was the end.

We took a vacation for the whole Holiday Season and sure enough, we brought home a whole colony flesh nibblers in from the cold.  It was a blizzard outside, how did they survive? Freezing isn't enough, they can survive in temperatures down to 0 degrees by hibernating. 

I found that out when I called the exterminators again. No $50 discount but at least this time I didn't waste time and money on the Bug Bombs.


Great information. But it doesn't keep them from coming back. 

That was just the start. I told my husband to hire a maid, a super clean home would prevent them from coming back. At least that's what I said.

It's not true. 

Because they came back and I went nuts!! “It couldn't possibly be bed bugs again!” I cried.

$1500 In Pest Control Bills And A Few Months Later...​​​​​​​

These little monsters were costing me a fortune, I didn't know where they were coming from, how to get rid of them nor how to prevent them from coming back.

After 3 incidents paying the pros I had reached the end of my rope and decided I was just going to have to learn to do it myself if I ever wanted to save for retirement. 

In my humble opinion, it's best to support well-qualified local exterminators - unless you absolutely can't afford it. 

Because there is no absolute guarantee that once they are gone they will stay gone. So you best learn how the best and easiest method to eliminate bed bugs. 

I went online to do some research.

Three important concepts rose to the surface:

1. There is not now nor likely will ever be a quick-fix for bed bugs. Nothing works 100%

2. Many times what seems like common sense is contradicting. And not knowing can make your situation a LOT worse.

3. Your success depends on careful planning, using various strategies together, keeping the focus on what works, how it works, what the limitations and risks are, and how to implement your strategy properly.

I needed answers though.​​​​​​​

How on earth were we going to get rid of them without it costing us a small fortune? 
Most importantly, how long was it going to take to get these annoying little pests out of our home?

After months of endless research, trial and failure I had a complete sense of being overwhelmed at the complexity of the situation. The endless stream of home remedies on YouTube, a wide variety of treatment methods that require investments in odd tools.

And then I stumbled on

Butchie's Bedbug Trainer.

This is the information the Exterminators don't want you to know. So you have to keep going back to them.  Specialized training like this can cost anywhere from $400 up to over $1500. You can Buy It Now for the special Launch Price of $97.00

why you need butchie's bed bug trainer


butchie's bed bug trainer




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Why Pay Professionals $100's Over and Over ?

Why Spend up to $1500 trying to learn how to do it like professionals?



get started now and get rid of those bed bugs fast


Bedbugs can lay one to five eggs in a day and more than 500 in a lifetime.

thrive without food

Bedbugs can survive for several months without eating.

its not a quick bite

Bedbug draw blood for about five minutes before retreating to digest.

can burrow deep

Bedbugs hatchlings are so small they can pass through a stitch-hole in a mattress.

voracious eaters

Bedbugs can ingest seven times their own weight in blood.


Bedbugs are found in all 50 U.S. states.

non infective

Bedbugs are not known to spread diseases.

allergy caution

Allergic reactions to the bites may require medical attention.

s a v e  y o u r  m o n e y

Your first step to a bed bug free home

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